Why choose Bangalore for your PGDM?
19 May

Why choose Bangalore for your PGDM?

Bangalore is a dream destination for students who want to build their education and career in business & corporate area. A number of state of the art institutions like IIM Bangalore, IISc and plenty of such management schools make the city a true haven for PGDM aspirants. Bangalore hosts more than hundred B Schools offering a wide range of courses and electives. This beautiful multicultural city with brisk business & commerce is quite apart from other cities with its unique geography, abundant greenery & cool weather conditions. Bangalore boasts of being the garden city of India and a major IT hub of the world. The shopping and eating experience ranging from Posh malls & restaurants to simple street vendors give variety in shopping & food. Living or studying in Bangalore is a lot inspiring for any new comer to the point of settling down here for a long span of time, if not permanently. There is ample scope for high corporate exposure for management students in Bangalore as the city has world class offices in IT, services and production industry sectors.  The mostly European landscaping of the city coupled with scope for high salary and posh living style is a big attraction for graduates towards Bangalore.


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